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Friday March 22nd 2019



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Q&A Monday: Signs Your Project Might Be Doomed

Q&A Monday: Signs Your Project Might Be Doomed

Question: I've recently been given a new responsibility at the company I work for and put in charge of project that I'm pretty sure will be dead long before completion, is there any way to tell? Clay Rose Brentwood, NY   Answer: I've had my share of being on projects that I just had a feeling were doomed from the start, [...]

Are Training Programs worth it?

Are Training Programs worth it?

I had the chance recently to talk with another System Admin and he was relaying some problems he was having after rolling out a new software package in their company.  The problem was that after it was was up and running and turned over to the users, it wasn’t widely used.   This program had eaten up months of the IT departments time and [...]

Consultants and deadlines

I’ve spent some time consulting for a small and medium sized companies and I’ve seen many consultants make many errors and one of the worse for you clients is blowing deadlines.  Now for me to say that you’ll never run into a situation where your project is incomplete when the deadline comes would just be silly.  As all consultants know [...]

Virtualization Planning

Now when deciding you need to virtualize your network there are some things you need to consider prior to doing so.  Trust me, I thought I had every angle convered prior to my first virtualization, and I ran into some issues, so I wanted to give some tips on things to think of that you may not have, prior to making the jump. Does my [...]