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Q&A Monday: Adobe PDF Printing Alternative

Q&A Monday:  Adobe PDF Printing Alternative

Question: I am currently looking for a more cost-effective solution than adobe for printing PDF files.  I am not looking to edit or create forms, just to print existing documents to PDF.  While looking around I've found a couple products, but they wanted too much money for the full versions, any suggestions? Davina Knight Raft [...]

Q&A Monday: Event Viewer Problems in Server 2008

Q&A Monday:  Event Viewer Problems in Server 2008

Question: I have a Windows Server 2008 64Bit Standard and I am having problems getting the Event Viewer to display on the server.   When I click on the Event Viewer, I get the following Error Message - Event Log Service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. I went into the Windows services and tried to start "Windows Event Log" [...]

RE: Windows 7 FTP Server

RE:  Windows 7 FTP Server

Question Re: Blog Post: Windows 7 FTP Server The setup is helpful, but can you expand upon this with assistance on how to create a user and then set up access to a specific folder? I can’t seem to get this to work at all… and I thought I was pretty computer-savy. The new windows 7 administrative configuration is definitely giving me [...]

Windows Security Best Practices

Windows Security Best Practices

In todays age, you can not be too secure when it comes to your network it's better to be safe than sorry.  In the current economy I've seen many companies consolidate jobs and add new burden to already over-burdened admins.  One of the places where this will hurt companies is the network security departments. I've learned many security faux [...]

Q&A Monday: Hide Accounts from XP Welcome Screen

Q&A Monday:  Hide Accounts from XP Welcome Screen

Question: I am currently setting up a couple of computers for a small business and not in a domain, and they prefer the Windows XP Welcome menu to log on to the computer.  I have set up an Administrator account and would like that account to be hidden from the welcome screen. Adam E. Jones Dallas, TX   Answer: To [...]

Helpful Powershell Commands to Know

Helpful Powershell Commands to Know

Recently I was talking with a colleague about our histories of working in the computer field, all the ways from the early days of DOS to where we were currently.  I remember the early days of working on the computers and using the DOS commands to get stuff completed, today Microsoft has started using PowerShell for the admin commands of todays' [...]

No Virus/Maleware and Computers Slow

No Virus/Maleware and Computers Slow

    A lot of complaints I generally hear about people's computers is that they have slowed down.  Usually most tech will look towards one thing that is the most likely cause...spyware/virus (or whatever you personally call it).  Though after ruling that out, what might be some other explanations for the slowness?     I want to focus on [...]

Q&A Monday: Disable IE Enhanced Security in Server 2008

Question: In previous incarnations of Windows Server, when I wanted to remove the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, I've gone into the add/remove programs and removed the security component, but in Windows Server 2008 that isn't an option, can you please help me remove this annoyance. Joseph Hart Jackson, [...]

Q&A Monday: Domain Auto-Logon

Q&A Monday:  Domain Auto-Logon

Question: We are currently building a test lab, in which we can test proposed changes to the network, and have a test domain in place.  We have a domain controller and a handful of workstations to test the changes out on.  The problem is, that every time we power on the domain we need to log in all the workstations, and that can be a [...]

Exchange 2007 get Mailbox sizes

Exchange 2007 get Mailbox sizes

If you ever have had the pleasure to administer an Exchange system for some time, then you've run into the scenario where you need to know how big people's mailboxes are.  Depending on your workload, I suggest that you take some time regularly take some time to check the sizes of the mailboxes on your server.  Now this is more important if [...]

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