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Q&A Monday: 5 tips to Avoid Burnout

Q&A Monday: 5 tips to Avoid Burnout

Question: I just got a new job working in IT after leaving the field several years ago from burn out.  I just want to know is there a good way to avoid this new job from driving me away from IT like my old one? Fred Cutler Reno, NV Answer: This is a big concern for many techs out there with many companies cutting their IT [...]

RE: Windows 7 FTP Server

RE:  Windows 7 FTP Server

Question Re: Blog Post: Windows 7 FTP Server The setup is helpful, but can you expand upon this with assistance on how to create a user and then set up access to a specific folder? I can’t seem to get this to work at all… and I thought I was pretty computer-savy. The new windows 7 administrative configuration is definitely giving me [...]